Bitumen Emulsion in Vietnam

Bitumen Emulsion in Vietnam

The growing economy and industry in Vietnam compelled the government to find economical and technical solutions for road construction and maintenance.

The bitumen emulsion is a real answer and many projects are scheduled based on this application.

Emulbitume, with our worldwide presence and field experience, has already supply services and premium products for these projects.

Since 2012, four industrial unit and two laboratory equipment have been sold to Vietnamese companies. More operations are coming in a near future.

In January 2016, The chairman of Emulbitume, Jérémie VANDORME, has visited our customers and got some precious positive comments about our Atomix® technology for emulsion process.

We would like to thank these companies for their trust in our products and services and we wish them success a great future.

Pictures n°1 & 2: NCH company Danang. 15 t/h unit Atomix® A2.

Picture n°3 : BMT company Ho Chi Minh City. Complete laboratory unit Atomix® C.

Picture 1 - NCHPicture 2 - NCHPicture 3 - BMT