4L Trophy adventurers come back!

4L Trophy adventurers come back!

Our two french student of 4L Trophy 2016 sponsored by Emulbitume comes back delighted to their adventure in the Moroccan desert.

Here they share their views:

“The first impression upon arrival was, “Wow, we did it !” An unforgettable experience, extraordinary who leaves us some good memories. We experience beautiful landscapes, friendly locals and an awesome atmosphere throughout the raid. One slogan “mutual aid”, the solidarity that united teams was impressive. We even provided service when our skills allowed us to help, for exemple, we repared a 4L until 1am so it may take the start the next day ! And conversely, when we broke our stretcher, crews have accompanied us and helped us as best as they can. Once the 4L trophy completed, we enter in a big family, new friendships are created. Now, seeing a 4L brings back some memories.”

See below somes pictures of Emulbitume’s car :

We wish them a nice returns and welcome at this 4L which is part of Emulbitume story now!