A new plant in Vietnam

A new plant in Vietnam

As we explained in our previous story of the 25th of January, Vietnam has enjoyed a high average growth in recent years. Roads are given special attentions particularly in the research of economic and technical solutions.

To respond to these new concerns, Emulbitume is pleased to announce the commissioning of PLC PETROLIMEX’s plant in Haiphong.

Installation, commissioning and launching have been done by one of our technicians and have been facilitated through our Vietnamese agent’s involvement in this project. It becomes a usual situation because since 2012, this is the 4th plant installation on the Vietnamese territory! Equiped with a colloidal mill Atomix© A2, this unit can produce up to 15 tons of emulsion an hour.

By the way, it is our colloidal mill –French know-how since1933- which made the difference in our client’s choice.

We’d like to thank PLC PETROLIMEX and all its technicians who contributed to the achievement of this amazing project for their trust and expertise, and wish them the greatest success.