An EMULBITUME plant commissioned in South Korea

An EMULBITUME plant commissioned in South Korea

South Korea is, since a long time, a country which trusts EMULBITUME for its bitumen emulsion production plants.

Myungshin Chemicals proves us this fact with the commissioning of its second EMULBITUME plant.

They already trusted us 25 years ago with a plant that is still in function today, and we were very proud to sell them a plant for a second time. It works perfectly well, and the bitumen emulsion proves us again that it has a bright future ahead.

Thanks to an unfailing collaboration with our agent, Myungshin Chemicals uses now its 30 tons per hour plant equipped with ATOMIX® D.

We thank them for their trust and wish them plenty of success stories.


오래전부터, 한국은 상온 아스팔트 플랜트를 사려고 EMULBITUME을 믿습니다.

명신 케미칼은 똑 같습니다! 2월에서 둘째 EMULBITUME 플랜트를 취항했습니다.

아직 25년전에 EMULBITUME을 믿었습니다, 오늘까지 잘 움직인 플랜트 샀었습니다. 그리고 오늘도, 이 둘째 플랜트를 잘 움직이고 상온 아스팔트 다시 이겼습니다: 앞길이 유망합니다!

우리 대리점 이비지코리아 덕분에, 이제 명신 케미칼은 ATOMIX® D 30 TPH 플랜트를 사용할 수 있습니다.

명신 케미칼한테 너무 감사하고, 성공하기를 바랍니다!