Through its range of products, EMULBITUME offers a set of solutions to solve roads deterioration and helps in new road infrastructure quality.


Since its formation in 1976, Emulbitume has developed an increasingly close partnership with many companies centred on three particular areas: production, installation, maintenance.
In order to be able to respond to ever changing customer needs, Emulbitume remains at the forefront of the very latest techniques. By combining the newest technologies with its in-house experience, Emulbitume can meet the most varied customer requirements.

The skills of the personel and the reliability of its equipment enable Emulbitume to offer a complete service to their customers : a wide range of products, quality installation, diagnostic methods, rapid after-sales service.


In constant contact with the engineering team, the EMULBITUME technicians manufacture the industrial production and laboratory plants and carry out tests before shipping of the equipment.

Engineering Team

Chooses the best technical solutions adapted to your needs : feasibility and lay-out studies, production and storage capacities.

Bureau d'études

Research and development

The partnership of EMULBITUME with customers and European Research Centers on bitumen emulsions enables the development and application of new technologies.

After sales service

Their abilities in electronics, electricity, computer science, mechanics and pneumatics, enable the EMULBITUME technicians to ensure a permanent follow-up of the EMULBITUME plants, installed in 80 countries.