Bitumen Emulsions in Laboratories

Our laboratories are equipped with the ATOMIX® C mill. This unit can be used for small-scale production of bitumen emulsion (or other types) with a view to testing the quality and compatibility of raw materials used. (bitumen, emulsifiers, latex, binders, etc…).

Drawing on our wide-ranging international experience and our customers’ satisfaction, we can guarantee the success and effectiveness of our production units and ATOMIX® mills. All over the world, all types of bitumen emulsion formulas are produced fitting all standards.

Constantly listening to its customers needs, the EMULBITUME team offers you a complete range of laboratory units answering your technical request for elaboration and tests of the formulas.

Our partner VIALAB – La voie de l’émulsion ( is the sole official distributor for Simplified laboratory pilot and Complete laboratory pilot.

EMULBITUME - Presentation of Simplified Laboratory ATOMIX® C