Cold mix production with packaging system




Cold mix asphalt mini plant

Spotlight on a Potholes Specific Solution

Pothole is a recurring problem, is an everyday work through your working area? Let’s face it.

In 2015, we provided the opportunity to promote a strategic and systematic approach to reducing potholes located in your nearby environment: this new type of unit designed and manufactured by EMULBITUME France produces small quantities of cold mix asphalt thanks to a very hands-on small unit, the ESF unit.

This production unit allows a packaging of finished product by bag or by bucket of 25kg thanks to a packaging system directly connected with the coating production system. It permits an immediate packing of product.

It is very well adapted to the specific needs and mechanical requirements of the application. The capacity of the aggregates hopper and your emulsion IBC will allow you to use the machine without reloading before 3 hours of work.

How do you want to transport your cold mix production? Fill the adequate packaging thanks to the useful outlet (bucket or bag). Every 3 minutes, the unit will produce a batch of 100 kgs with a fully automatic operation.

Divided in two parts: the unit production and part for packaging, the product can be transported in a 40 feet container or on flatbed truck.


EMULBITUME - Storable cold mix plant